Outreach / Missions

1. CAM or Christian Assistance Ministry, San Antonio – For thirty-three years, this organization has provided emergency assistance in the form of food, clothing and financial aid to thousands of individuals in crisis. In fact, more than 64,000 individuals received assistance in 2009.

2. SAMMinistries or San Antonio Metropolitan Ministries – For twenty-seven years, this organization has particularly dealt with homelessness in San Antonio. With our warmer climate, many of the homeless come here to survive the winter. The homeless face issues of not knowing what are the next steps for them to take or what resources may be out there to help them. SAMM’s mission is to implement solutions that will help individuals and families get off the streets and into a stable housing situation. They hope to provide more counseling, medications and job training for those in need.

3. I Care, San Antonio – Our church learned about this organization from Dr. Harrison Bowes, a former Elder of our church and member of this group. Various optamologists go to the interior of Mexico, taking their staffs, donations of eye glasses and lenses, and complete surgeries for the less fortunate. Usually the Mission trip lasts about a week, and it certainly makes a difference in the peoples’ lives. By the way, the Church Office has a collection area for any old glasses or lenses that you might want to contribute.

4. San Antonio Food Bank – In addition to the request from you for a dollar a month contribution, the Session asked that an additional sum be sent for food.

5. Mission Presbytery – Our Presbytery is partially funded with contributions from local churches. Thus, we sent a contribution to them in 2010.

6. One Great Hour of Sharing – This organization started after World War II, as a response to the benefits we have in this country. Once again, we will receive your contributions (Children – Palm Sunday) and Members and “Friends” on Easter Sunday. In advance, we thank you for your gifts to this worthwhile organization.


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