Sunday School

CLASSES Meet 9:30 – 10:30 A.M.

Discipleship classMeets in Library
Led by: John Karamanian and Jim Nelson
Study: Discuss the previous week Lectionary Text Rev. Knott’s sermon was based on.

Fellowship classMeets in the Fellowship Hall
Led by: Jack Wallace and Mike Shields
Reading the Bible word for word. Currently in Luke

Pastor’s ClassMeets in Brides Room
Led by: Rev. Richard Knott and Doug Christie
Class for the Theologically Confused

Children’s ClassAges 3 thru 4th Grade
Meets 2nd floor education Bldg.
Led by: Toby Black and Susan Lewis
Lesson: Grow, Proclaim, Serve

Tweens Class5th grade thru 8th grade
Meets on the third floor. Youth Room
Led by: Dina Toland & Vienna Gerlach
They will be studying “Talk Sheets”
By: David Lynn

“Teen Talk”9th grade thru 12th grade
Suggest those that attend this class attend
class that Rev. Knott is leading in the brides room.

Dr. Knott will be leading the “Class for the Theologically Confused” again this fall. The class will be reading and discussing Emil Brunner’s book, Our Faith. The best summary of the book is its subtitle, “A Simple, Straightforward Account of the Great Mysteries and Solid Facts of the Christian Faith.” Dr. Knott promises that it’s an “easy read”. Books will be provided at the first class. We’ll meet in the Bride’s Room at 9:30 beginning on Sunday, September 8 (the Sunday after Labor Day weekend). Please join us!

Richard Garcia, our sexton, has been part time for these eighteen years that he has been with us In an effort to help him, the Property Committee has developed a “Work Order Form” which may be found on the Church Office receptionist’s desk or in Fellowship Hall. We are asking that if you see items that need to be replaced, repaired or fixed, that you complete the form and take it to the Church Office. We particularly are concerned about our new carpeting in the Pioneer Room and Fellowship Hall.
In terms of cleaning, the Property Committee has placed brooms and dustpans and paper towels on the second floor in the Bride’s Room. On the first floor, you will find a broom and dustpan and a roll of paper towels in the closet by the 119 Corona Street door. If you spill something, we ask that you clean it, particularly where we have our new carpets. In addition, Richard Garcia has cleaned all of our other carpets. In advance, thank you for your cooperation.


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