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New Class of Elders!

Each year, a new class of Elders is elected to join the current Elders serving on the Session of our church. Each Elder is assigned to a Committee in order to oversee the ongoing work of the church.

Please welcome these newest Elders to our Session for a three-year term: Moriah (Mo) Sartain, Love Duka, and Luis Martinez

Committee assignments for all current Elders are as follows. Please reach out to these individuals if you are interested in helping with a committee!
Worship: Luis Martinez

Education: Doug Christie

Fellowship: Jenna Lowry and Love Duka

Missions/Outreach: Mike Shields and Moriah Sartain

Property: Frank Ford

Day School: Laura Lindner and Scott Breen
Special thanks to our outgoing Elders who have just completed their terms: Bob Ahrens, Kara Van de Kieft, Laura Lindner (renewed her term for one year), Scott Breen (renewed his term for three years), Marilyn Ahrens (outgoing Clerk of Session)

We would also like to thank Jim Nelson for his continuing work as Treasurer, and Mary Lambert who is now serving as Clerk of Session.

Thank you to all of these Elders for their ongoing work on behalf of our Church. Below is a screen image of one of the three virtual classes each new Session member participated in with other members learning of philosophy, church polity, and finance.

This training culminated in the ceremony of ordination and installation, which occurred during the 11:00 worship service just last Sunday, January 30th. Shown here are Rev. Dr. Knott, with renewing Elder Scott Breen behind. Left to right are Moriah Sartain and Love Duka who were ordained and installed, with Luis Martinez, an ordained Elder, returning to the Session.

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