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Chaplain’s Corner – December 2023

Greetings to all my dear friends in Christ! Here we are already in the month of December and Advent Season. During Advent we once again experience the waiting for the birth of Jesus Christ and the celebration of His coming. The Advent Season is also the time we dwell of the promise of His Second Coming to save this world of ours. With all that is occurring in our present world, it is interesting to imagine what His Second Coming would be like. Would peace and love cover the world like a warm blanket or would we crucify Him again? 

The Advent Season is a time for each of us to consider our faith and how that faith does or doesn’t guide us in the living of our lives. It is our responsibility as Christians to try as best we can to emulate the radical style of love displayed by Jesus Christ. We cannot merely wait for His second coming in hopes of His restoration of our world and all its ills. So, may each of us try harder to love more and hate less. Let’s try to listen more than we talk in order to better understand each other. Let’s try to see each person we encounter as God’s beloved child. In all things within our control, let each of us dedicate ourselves to making this world a better place for all. Let’s try to make God smile!

I sincerely wish each of you a joy-filled Christmas and Advent Season. May you each feel loved and may you make others feel loved in return. Never forget that you are personally known to, and much loved by, our wonderful and gracious God.

     “Dear Lord, may I greet each new day with happiness and peace in my heart. May I do some kind deed for others, no matter how small, and find joy in knowing that I am showing love as You have commanded. Your love for me is a constant comfort in my life. Thank You for Your love, mercy and grace. You are the center of my life! Amen.”

Yours In Christ,

Chaplain Phil    

Alamo Heights Presbyterian Church