Our Pastor & Staff

Rev. Dr. Richard O. Knott, Jr, an ordained Presbyterian minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA). Dr. Knott holds a B.A. in History, from Belhaven College and a Masters degree and Doctorate from Austin Presbyterian Seminary. Dr. Knott has been the Senior Pastor of Alamo Heights Presbyterian Church for over 30 years.

Dr. Knott and his wife Virginia have been married for 35 years. They have 3 daughters and 5 beautiful grandchildren.

Church Staff

Pastor: Rev. Dr. Richard O. Knott, Jr.  

Lay Chaplain: Phil Lewis   

Admin. Assistant/Pastoral Care: Fran Parsons     

Admin. Assistant/Session: Karen Wright  

Choir Director: Ann McAllister        

Organist: Don Sebesta 

Director of Youth Ministries: Matt Fuller

Day School Director: Sharon Cruz

Treasurer: Jim Nelson

Church Session

Clerk of the Session: Mary Lambert

Ruling Elders: Mike Shields, Moriah Sartain, Luis Martinez, Doug Christie, Jenna Lowry, Love Duka, Laura Lindner, Scott Breen, Frank Ford, Doug Christie

Alamo Heights Presbyterian Church