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Dear Friends of AHPC community,

As the virus continues to spread, the Session of Alamo Heights Presbyterian Church has decided unanimously to suspend worship until the Alamo Heights School District schools meet again.

1) There will be no meals served until the crisis passes. That time will be determined by the Center for Disease Control. 

2) The choir will not meet nor will they practice. 

3) Taekwondo has been suspended until the schools begin again, which I hope is determined by the CDC. 

4) We will have worship at the regular hours, however, there will be no Time of Personal Reflection nor will there be a time of “Meet and Greet.” If you are over the age of 60, do not feel obligated to attend worship. This virus is particularly virulent for those infected over the age of 60. Those who wish to view the sermon can go to our website and hear it. There will be no Eucharist celebrated at any service. If you chose to worship, please maintain a distance from the worshiper next to you of at least 6 feet. If you do not feel well, please stay at home and recover. 
If you do not feel comfortable using the hymnals, do not do so. 

5) The youth-event for Sunday is cancelled. 

6) The March Session meeting is cancelled. 

Until further notice, hunker down and stay safe. Pray for those who are sick and those who will feel the economic impact of this crisis. I don’t mean lack of toilet paper.

Alamo Heights Presbyterian Church